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Jul 3

What’s the Deal with the Red Tags?

Posted in: Safety & Security, Weekends

  During a weekend service in Children’s Ministry you may notice some adults in the room wearing these awesome red tags.   Don’t be jealous. These are just for Guest Observers.   What are Guest Observers?  I’m glad you asked! Guest Observers are anyone in a Children’s Ministry room who does not have a leader [...]

Feb 29

Want to Be a Part of Something Magical?

Posted in: Weekends

  Can you imagine what it would be like to walk around Walt Disney World knowing that you helped build it?  Imagine if you’d been one the artists or construction workers who helped bring Walt’s incredible vision to life.  Well, we don’t exactly have a Disney-sized budget, but over the next couple of months we [...]

Jan 18

What does it take to be effective with kids?

Posted in: Weekends

The most effective Children Ministries are both kid-geared and God-focused.   It takes the best of both worlds to really be able to have an eternal impact on the kids we serve. In our January Children’s Ministry team meeting we talked about what this looks like at Southland.  Here’s the same content put together in [...]

Oct 27

Your Face Says It All

Posted in: Weekends

Every October my daughters and I have a huge, life-changing decision to make about faces.  What face are we going to carve on our jack-o-lanterns?  You only get one shot, and if you mess it up, you have to wait an entire year before you get to carve another one.    That is a ton of [...]

Mar 15

Zeroing In

Posted in: Programming, Vision, Weekends

Last weekend my friend Adrienne delivered a power message to our 3rd-5th grade kids in Club Orbit.  I watched her communicate the salvation story with an energy and skill that few teachers possess.  Even the fifth grade boys were engaged.  She really is the best of the best. But Adrienne did something this weekend that [...]

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