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Oct 18

Lights, Camera, Action

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If you’ve served for any time at all in Southland’s Children’s Ministry, you’ll know we are blessed with fantastic large group programs.  Thanks to our talented volunteers, the stuff that happens on our stages is out of this world.   In the last couple of years, though, we began asking ourselves how we can capture some [...]

Jul 20

When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

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You ever have one of those weekends when you  just don’t feel like serving?  Yeah, me too.  True confession time.  I did NOT want to work in Children’s Ministry on 4th of July weekend.  Why?  Two reasons.  First, we would have several leaders out for the holiday weekend.  Second, we were using video curriculum which [...]

Jun 6

Welcome to the Epic Story of Children’s Ministry!

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Who doesn’t love a good story?  Do you remember your favorite stories as a kid?  One of my favorite parts about serving in Children’s Ministry is that every week, I get to help tell the greatest story of all – God’s story!  If someone asked you to tell them God’s story, where would you start?  [...]

Mar 15

Zeroing In

Posted in: Programming, Vision, Weekends

Last weekend my friend Adrienne delivered a power message to our 3rd-5th grade kids in Club Orbit.  I watched her communicate the salvation story with an energy and skill that few teachers possess.  Even the fifth grade boys were engaged.  She really is the best of the best. But Adrienne did something this weekend that [...]

Mar 4

Am I Really Making a Difference?

Posted in: Vision

Have you ever asked yourself, “Does serving in Children’s Ministry really matter?”  Maybe you’ve wondered how big of a difference you could actually make in the life of a child.  You only see them once a week.  You only have them for fifteen minutes in a Life Group or twenty minutes during  a large group [...]

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