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Apr 4

What’s In It For Me?

Posted in: Adventures In Children's Ministry, Groups, Programming

Let’s face it.  Serving in Children’s Ministry is hard work.  It costs time, emotional energy and sometimes, a little bit of our sanity.  Some days those precious kids we love are nuts.   Some days we have personal struggles that make serving even more difficult.  Some days we just don’t feel like showing up. But it’s during those [...]

Mar 21

The Real Reason You’re Here

Posted in: Devotional, Groups, Programming

I stood up on stage explaining communion to a group of 3rd – 5th graders, but even as the words came out of my mouth, I knew they were more for me than for them.  “You see guys,” I said.  “God loves you.  He loves you when you come in first place.  He loves you [...]

Mar 15

Zeroing In

Posted in: Programming, Vision, Weekends

Last weekend my friend Adrienne delivered a power message to our 3rd-5th grade kids in Club Orbit.  I watched her communicate the salvation story with an energy and skill that few teachers possess.  Even the fifth grade boys were engaged.  She really is the best of the best. But Adrienne did something this weekend that [...]

Feb 21

3 Benefits of Long Haul Ministry

Posted in: Groups, Programming, Vision

This past weekend I was talking with Travis, a seventh grader I used to have in Children’s Ministry.  His mom has been an amazing leader in our ministry for years so I know him pretty well.    What I didn’t know, though, was that he’s now helping with a group of kindergarten boys.  I asked him [...]

Feb 8

4 Ways to Build Confidence as a Kids’ Leader

Posted in: Groups, Programming

My first morning in Children’s Ministry was a total disaster.  I have vivid memories of stepping into the small, rural children’s church feeling like I was about to take the biggest college final of my life.  My stomach hurt.  I was shaky, sweating and an overall wreck.   In short, I was terrified of children.   Fifteen [...]

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