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Feb 21

3 Benefits of Long Haul Ministry

Posted in: Groups, Programming, Vision

This past weekend I was talking with Travis, a seventh grader I used to have in Children’s Ministry.  His mom has been an amazing leader in our ministry for years so I know him pretty well.    What I didn’t know, though, was that he’s now helping with a group of kindergarten boys.  I asked him [...]

Feb 15

5 Tips For Navigating Detours with Your Group

Posted in: Groups

One of the hardest things about leading a group of kids is keeping them on track.   Every single weekend you know the clock is ticking.  You never have enough time to get through all of your curriculum.  When you sit down to lead your activity, you sometimes feel like you’re wrangling a group of caffeinated [...]

Feb 8

4 Ways to Build Confidence as a Kids’ Leader

Posted in: Groups, Programming

My first morning in Children’s Ministry was a total disaster.  I have vivid memories of stepping into the small, rural children’s church feeling like I was about to take the biggest college final of my life.  My stomach hurt.  I was shaky, sweating and an overall wreck.   In short, I was terrified of children.   Fifteen [...]

Feb 3

Losing Your Marbles?

Posted in: Adventures In Children's Ministry, Groups

Ever feel like you’re losing your marbles leading your group of kids?  Check out this hilarious story from one of our amazing Life Group Leaders about her Adventure In Children’s Ministry!  A few months ago I read the small group activity and was worried, as each child was to hold a marble to remind them of [...]

Jan 31

How to Use Personal Stories to Connect with Kids

Posted in: Groups, Programming

Whether you’re teaching a creative large group program or leading a small Life Group, personal stories can be one of the most effective tools you can use to connect with the kids you lead.   It’s amazing how a simple story can reel in kids who would otherwise be bouncing off the walls.   Kids love stories.  Some [...]

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