Aug 14

Playing Your Part In God’s Big Story

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You ever walk in late to a movie, and you’re not exactly sure what’s going on?  There’s all kinds of action happening, but it’s hard to orient yourself to the story.  You don’t know all the characters, and you may have missed some vital plot points along the way.  It’s confusing trying figure out what it’s all about. 

That’s kind of what it’s like being a 21st century kid.  You’re growing up in a world where it’s not uncommon to hear about shooters walking into  public places and opening fire.  You’re growing up in a world where your parents are just as likely to get divorced as to stay together.  You’re growing up in a world that’s drowning in debt, saturated with images of sex and violence and divided by deep political differences.

Like a movie already in progress there’s a lot going on, but it’s hard to figure out what it all means, and often, it appears to be a story without any hope for a happy ending.    

But this is not the full story.  No, there’s a much bigger story being told.  It’s God’s story, and it’s been unfolding since before the creation of the world.  It’s an adventure story, an epic battle of good and evil, and the greatest love story of all time. 

It’s a story with a hero.  It’s a story of hope.  It’s a story with the happiest ever after you can possibly imagine. 

And best of all, it can be your story too. 

What kids need today is someone who loves them enough to help them find their place in God’s big story, to help them find meaning, purpose and grace.  That’s what the Big Picture Show is all about – leaders like you, showing up every week to help kids understand the big picture of God’s great love for them. 

Someday, when it’s all said and done, Jesus will return, and God will roll the closing credits on this world.   Your name will be at the top of that list of credits because you played a starring role in telling God’s story to kids by the way you loved them.

So welcome to the cast.  Get ready to play your big part.  The lights are set.  The cameras are rolling and the Big Picture Show is waiting for you take the stage.

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