Jul 3

What’s the Deal with the Red Tags?

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During a weekend service in Children’s Ministry you may notice some adults in the room wearing these awesome red tags.   Don’t be jealous. These are just for Guest Observers.   What are Guest Observers?  I’m glad you asked!

Guest Observers are anyone in a Children’s Ministry room who does not have a leader application and background check on file with the ministry. This includes:

  • Parents staying in the environment with their child.
  • Potential volunteers shadowing another leader.
  • Friends or family of current leaders.
  • People visiting from other churches.

This does NOT include:

  • Parents coming for early pick-up.
  • Friends or family accompanying parents during pick-up.

What do you do if you see someone wearing a red tag?   Just keep your eye out and help us make sure they’re following the Guest Observer rules.

  1. Just like you, they must never be alone with a child (even if it’s their own child).
  2. They should not be leading any activity with kids or helping with restroom runs (again, even if it’s their own child).
  3. If they have a child in the environment, they must check out by showing a matching security tag just like any other parent.
  4. They must check out with a staff member before they leave.
  5. They must wear their red tag at all times.

If you have a concern about any Guest Observers not following the rules, please see a staff member immediately.  The bottom line is that they are our guests, and we’re happy to have them, but keeping kids safe is our first priority.

Also, if someone wanders into the environment without any kind of tag, please send them to the Guest Check-In table to fill out Guest Observer paperwork to get their very own spiffy red tag.  Just tell them all the cool kids are wearing them, especially the cool Guest Observers.

Thanks for doing your part to keep kids safe!



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