Mar 13

An Example Worth Copying

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Have you ever made a bunch of photocopies for a special project only to later find a mistake in the original?   If you’re a perfectionist like I am, this kind of thing drives you crazy because then you have to decide if you’re willing to live with it or if you need to take the time to go back, fix it and make the copies all over again.  The bigger the copy job, the bigger of a deal it is to go back and fix your mistake.

If you’ve spent any time at all at Southland, you know that we are in the replication business.   First and foremost we want to replicate the life of Christ in each and every Jesus follower who is a part of our church.  This is why we’ve rolled out a new mission, expressions and challenges – so that we can make sure that, by God’s power, our lives are matching up to Jesus’ perfect example as closely as possible.

But it doesn’t stop there.  We’re not just replicating disciples.  We’re also replicating campuses.   Of course multi-site campuses, just like disciples, are not identical photocopies.  They are unique expressions of the body of Christ in multiple contexts.

Our Danville campus does not and should not look just like Harrodsburg Road.  The Richmond Road campus will not and should not either.  However, even though they have their own unique identity, each campus shares identical DNA.  We are replicating the core of who we are and how we function as a church.

In Children’s Ministry this means we are replicating our leadership culture, programming and safety procedures in a way that works on all three campuses.  Since we are copying these core practices, we know it’s a big deal that we get it right.  You don’t want to copy a flawed original.

That’s why we’ve spent the last several months putting our Children’s Ministry under the microscope, evaluating, modifying and tweaking to make sure we’re replicating the best possible model.

Lately you’ve seen us make a lot of changes in the area of safety and security.  We’ve asked leaders to wear ministry shirts, assigned people to specific check-out duties, reminded everyone of specific policies and on and on and on.

I’m sure some weeks it feels like we’re throwing a lot of new expectations your way on top of everything else you do.  I want to be clear that it’s not because anyone has done anything wrong.  We are simply trying to take the ministry to the next level so that our future campuses will be able to copy and enhance the best original model we can create.

I just want to say thanks for your patience and flexibility as we try a few new things to make sure we are creating the safest environments possible for our kids.   As a staff team we recognize the huge contribution you make week after week, and we are your biggest fans.

Kids will be in heaven because of the time you invest.

Let that sink in for a minute.  Kids will be in heaven who wouldn’t have been without you.  Wow.  That’s heavy.  That’s big.  That’s what God is doing in you.

That’s an example we definitely want to copy as God expands our church to Richmond Rd and beyond.


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