Nov 8

The 411 on 411

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What’s the big deal about 411?  That’s the number of people – kids and adults who’ve been baptized at Southland so far this year.  So what’s that mean to you?  Well, first of all, we celebrate 411 new brothers and sisters joining us in God’s family.  But above and beyond that, you were a part of each of those 411 baptisms.

Here are three ways I’ve watched amazing Children’s Ministry leaders like you contribute to people crossing the line of faith this year:

1. You reach kids’ with God’s love.

There are kids who have made a decision to follow Jesus this year because of the love and attention you’ve shown them.  Whether it’s through a direct conversation you’ve had with them about salvation or you just showing up and pouring out kindness, you have been Jesus with skin on to the children God has sent your way.  Even if they can’t articulate it, kids see God in you and want what you have.

2. You make it easy for parents to go to church.

Because you make church fun for their kids, most of our parents don’t have to struggle with dragging their kids to church.  In fact, many of our parents have told me that their kids get upset if they have to be out of town and miss a weekend.  A lot of our kids drag their parents to church, which is huge!  That means parents can attend worship and classes without being distracted or feeling guilty that they just ditched their kid.  This frees them up to be fully present and do business with God.  Parents have come to faith this year because your ministry enabled them to go experience being a part of the church.

3. You’ve inspired contagious faith.

Parents have also come to faith this year because of #1 and #2 working together.  I’ve seen parents show up at our Kid Splash events thinking about baptism for the first time, because their kids are asking questions.  I’ve watched the faith of children spread through entire families.  That all begins with you building relationships with kids and creating an irresistible weekend experience in Children’s Ministry.

So there you have it, three reasons why you can feel good about playing a HUGE part in 411 baptisms this year.  Remember, there’s no such thing as JUST Children’s Ministry.  What you do opens the door of heaven to entire families who may otherwise never be introduced to the love of God.   Pretty mind-blowing, huh?

Thanks for letting God use YOU to rock the world and build His kingdom!



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