Oct 27

Your Face Says It All

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Every October my daughters and I have a huge, life-changing decision to make about faces.  What face are we going to carve on our jack-o-lanterns?  You only get one shot, and if you mess it up, you have to wait an entire year before you get to carve another one.    That is a ton of pressure!

So we take every precaution to get our faces as perfect as possible.  We draw out several different designs on paper, compare it to our actual pumpkins and decide which ones we want to use.  Then we carefully draw out the faces in pencil and double check them against the original design before I put it under the knife.

Over the top?  Maybe a little, but when it comes to crafty stuff in my house, that’s just how we roll.  After all, these things are on display for our entire cul-de-sac to see night after night.  The result?  Jack-o-lantern masterpieces!  Okay, maybe they’re not perfect, but they are very intentional.

If only I were so intentional when it comes to my own face.  The expression of our faces is far more important than we realize.  So often we come in to the weekends preoccupied with all that we have to do.  We have lessons to lead, kids to corral and chaos to manage.  Too many times, my face and yours says to kids that we are busy, stressed or at the very least, distracted.

This weekend I was reminded that when it comes to Children’s Ministry, what we communicate with our faces is a big deal.  I was in the back of the room at our Danville campus when I saw a boy approach a Life Group Leader named Mary.   When she saw him coming, her face instantly lit up with total joy.  Her expression said, “You are loved.  You are precious.  I am so glad you came to see me.”

It was genuine, and it was striking.  It was a holy moment.  I’m not exaggerating to say that it was like seeing the face of God.  It’s the way the Father lights up when He sees His kids.

Mary let the Holy Spirit shine on this kid simply by letting out the light God has placed inside of her.  I don’t know what this kid’s week had been like, but I can tell you that the reaction he got had to have totally changed his day.

Proverbs 15:30 says, “a cheerful look brings joy to the heart.”  The way we physically react to kids matters.  Our message of love isn’t just a matter of words but of unspoken body language that communicates their value to the Father.

So, this weekend, smile A LOT.  Let God’s love burst forth every time you see one of His kids so they will have no doubt that about how much they mean to Him.


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