Oct 18

Lights, Camera, Action

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If you’ve served for any time at all in Southland’s Children’s Ministry, you’ll know we are blessed with fantastic large group programs.  Thanks to our talented volunteers, the stuff that happens on our stages is out of this world.   In the last couple of years, though, we began asking ourselves how we can capture some of the best of what we do to set up new Southland campuses to create amazing experiences for kids. 

Enter the cameras!   A couple of months ago, we installed our first camera package in our 3rd-5th grade Children’s Ministry environment.  Each weekend we video all of the worship, drama and teaching that happens on our stages to pass off to our Danville campus and will eventually send the same programs to Richmond Road. 

For the past month our Danville volunteers have taken the footage and scripts from Harrodsburg Road and have used it for rehearsal for their own large group programs.  Just imagine if you were a teacher at our Danville or Richmond Road campus.  Think of how much easier it would to be to prepare if you could watch a video of someone doing your lesson live on stage.   Our Danville children’s worship leaders are also able to use video of Harrodsburg Road worship to enhance their own services and give their kids a bigger experience.  Because of this technology we are also able to show dramas each week that we would never have enough people to be able to pull off live on all of our campuses.

I can tell you from seeing it in action myself that our Danville team is taking the Harrodsburg Road content and knocking it out of the park!  But don’t just take my word for it, here is a link to some video from last weekend’s large group program at Danville using curriculum that was shot a month ago at Harrodsburg Road:

Danville Club Orbit 

We are now synced up in 3rd-5th grade and over the coming months we will be phasing in cameras in both K-2nd grade and preschool.  By the time our Richmond Road campus opens in January of 2013 we will have full video support in all of our preschool and elementary environments.    So, as you see cameras moving into your rooms on the weekend, know that they are here to equip all of our campuses to help kids experience God’s big story wherever they happen to attend. 

If you volunteer on one of our stages, know that soon God will be using you to serve kids on three different campuses!  If you’re a Life Group leader, you can also help by giving our staff feedback of what worked well or what didn’t work in your weekend curriculum.  Because we’re operating on a one month delay, we can pass what you’ve learned on to our other campuses so they can hit the ground running and more effectively reach the kids God sends their way. 

It’s exciting to be a part of one big Children’s Ministry team in many different locations.  I can’t wait to see how God will use each of you on all of our campuses to help kids discover God’s awesome plan for their lives.

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