Jul 20

When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

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You ever have one of those weekends when you  just don’t feel like serving?  Yeah, me too.  True confession time.  I did NOT want to work in Children’s Ministry on 4th of July weekend.  Why?  Two reasons.  First, we would have several leaders out for the holiday weekend.  Second, we were using video curriculum which meant I didn’t even get to teach.  

Think about it.  I knew we’d be low on leaders, but we had no idea how low we’d be on kids.  That meant I was probably looking at a weekend that was more about crowd control than life change. 

I’d just come off of our Off the Hook production where people were telling me right and left how God had used the experience to impact them in a huge way.  What an awesome privilege!  But now, I felt like I was going to spend the weekend babysitting.  Babysitting!  The word every Children’s Ministry leader hates! 

We don’t want to babysit.  We want to impact the next generation!  We want to reach kids and families with the amazing truth of God’s word.  But with few leaders in the room, that takes a backseat to just keeping things orderly and safe. 

Who wants to spend their weekend in survival mode?  Not me!  So, I had a rotten attitude Friday night and Saturday morning.  I love Children’s Ministry so much that that rarely happens, but every time I thought about going in that weekend, I cringed.   At a wedding the night before, I got to hang out with some of my team, and I could tell they were probably feeling the same way. 

Then God kicked my tail.  Saturday morning He clearly knocked me in the face with the story of Gideon – a story about a guy who was about to go to battle with a huge army, but God told him to send most of them home.  God wanted to show off, and Gideon had way too many soldiers for God to do His thing. 

I heard the message loud and clear.  God was saying, “I do my biggest stuff when people have the least to work with.   Just watch what I can do.”   He also reminded me that if anyone else had referred to the weekend as babysitting, I’d be ready to start a fist fight.  What was I thinking calling it that myself?

It didn’t matter what numbers we had, God’s kids were coming to church!  It didn’t matter which leaders showed up.  They would be the elite – God’s special forces who could take major kingdom ground whatever the odds! 

At that point, everything changed.  My attitude did a 180 as I began to pray for God to do big stuff.   Our team got together before the Saturday service and prayed for God to do something amazing.  And guess what?  He did! 

I had one of my all time favorite weekends in 16 years of Children’s Ministry.  I ended up ditching the video and teaching my heart out in preschool.  God showed up and He brought plenty of leaders with Him.   The kids walked away excited about God that weekend because I finally stopped feeling sorry for myself and got on board with what God was doing.

Bottom line?  Don’t be like me and let your attitude or expectations make you miss out on what God wants to do.  Jesus said His Father is ALWAYS at work.   Always!   Even on weekends we’re tired.  Even on weekends we’re stressed.  Even on weekends we just don’t feel like serving. 

We can either join Him or miss the boat.  So, on those weekends you’re just not at your best, read the story of Gideon and invite God to remind you that He does His biggest stuff when we have the least to bring to the table.

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