Apr 25

You Get What You Pay For

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For the next three weeks, I’ve invited some of our Children’s Ministry team members to guest post here on the Magnetic Ministry blog.  Up this week – Tyler Johnson, Children’s Ministry Programming Leader.  Tyler leads the team that oversees all of our Large Group program, from worship and storytelling to sets and tech.  You can read more from Tyler on his blog, Paint and Foam.

I love infomercials!!  In fact, I have a strange addiction to buying “As Seen on TV” items.  I own a Shark Steam Pocket Mop.  I use a Swivel Sweeper every week.  I’ve used Power 90 (or the newer P90X).  I currently have bananas sitting in a Debbie Meyer Green Bag.  I have a Turbo Snake hanging under the sink in the bathroom and my kids love it when I make Pancake Puffs on the weekend.  I’m a sucker for the infomercial sell!!

However, nine times out of ten, what I get in the mail is not what I thought it was when I ordered it.  When I ordered Power 90, I thought I was getting a 10 DVD set.  What I got was 10 workouts on a single DVD.  My first Turbo Snake broke the first time I used it, and my Swivel Sweeper doesn’t really swivel anymore.    So many times my wife has to look at me, when the phone is in my hand, and tell me “It’s not worth it.  Tyler, I know they just knocked 1 whole payment off, but it’s not worth it.”

What you pour into these kids however, is worth it.  Rarely do we see the benefit of our work.  I was able to see the result this past week.  A mom and daughter stopped me in the hallway after church and wanted to ask me a question.  The daughter (very shyly) asked me if I would be able to baptize her.  I was thrilled!!  I was ecstatic!!  Of course I would!!  I gave the little girl a hug and told her I was proud of her.  That’s when the mom asked, “Would you baptize me too?”  If I was excited before, I was beyond excited now.  You bet I’ll baptize you!!!

I had no idea the daughter was thinking about baptism, let alone the mom.  But they had been shown the love of Jesus through Children’s ministry.  They had been show love, and now they were ready to accept it.

Never underestimate what you do.  Never underestimate the value of your time you spend with kids on the weekend.  You may not see the fruit of all your hard work.  You may not always see what happens.  But it’s worth it!!  It’s always worth it.

And speaking of worth it, I need to go make a call about this Slap Chop.  If I order in the next 5 minutes, I get a 2nd one for only shipping and handling.

- Tyler Johnson, Children’s Ministry Programming Leader

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