Apr 4

What’s In It For Me?

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Let’s face it.  Serving in Children’s Ministry is hard work.  It costs time, emotional energy and sometimes, a little bit of our sanity. 

Some days those precious kids we love are nuts.   Some days we have personal struggles that make serving even more difficult.  Some days we just don’t feel like showing up.

But it’s during those times when God may just surprise us.  Here’s an e-mail I received from Kim, one our amazing magnetic leaders, who reminded me of how you just can’t out-give God.


I just have to say that the Children’s Ministry is such a blessing to be part of. I had a really bad week and was pretty depressed before I volunteered this weekend. This week, whether the kids knew it or not, they really were an encouragement for me.

At the end of small groups we were getting ready to pray, and one of the girls wanted to lead the prayer.  When she prayed you could tell that she really got this week’s message (on being generous), and she also thanked God that we are able to go to such a wonderful church. Her prayer was what I needed to hear.

Every week I pray that God’s light, love, mercy and caring shine through me and onto the children in my Life Group.  Well, this week God used my children to show me his love, mercy and caring.

I second her thanksgiving to God that we have such a great church to call home. I truly would be lost without God, and I thank him for all the wonderful people he has placed in the church I call home.

Thank you guys so very much for being awesome!

Kim :)

Yeah, we all sacrifice to serve, but Kim’s story reminds me that I always get back far more than I can ever give away.   Take a few minutes to pray before next weekend and ask God, “What do you want to give me through my time with the kids?” 

Sure it’s more blessed to give than receive, but don’t be surprised when your time with God’s kids opens the door for the good stuff that God wants to send your way.

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