Mar 28

What Every Parent Wants You to Know

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Last week I e-mailed several parents in our ministry and asked them, “What are the most important things you want all of our Children’s Ministry leaders to know?”  I got back several great responses and was surprised to see how much they overlapped.  I’ve grouped the comments into five categories and condensed or combined some of the feedback that repeated what others said.

So without further ado, here’s what some of our parents had to say to you, our awesome leaders. 

1. My child needs connection.

  • My children love consistency and routine.  Every week when they walk in and see the same faces greeting them they feel more comfortable.  
  • I want leaders to know how important it is that someone knows my child’s name in a church this size and that they are excited to see them.
  • I wish every volunteer knew how nervous kids are when they first arrive.
  • I want leaders to know how important it is to help my child to get to know other kids in their room.
  • Get down on my kid’s level, smile and talk to them by name.
  • If a child is freaking out about leaving Mommy and Daddy, please do everything you can to make them feel welcome. 
  • One of the most important things is for my child to feel like they are a part of the church. 
  • I want them to have fun!!

2.  I want us to partner to help my child know Jesus.

  • We want to walk together.
  • I welcome and appreciate leaders’ input into my kids’ lives.
  • I want to know my kids’ leaders.
  • I want my kids’ leaders to know me – to know my name, phone number, e-mail and be a part of my family’s life. 
  • I don’t have all the answers, and I am looking to you to help give me resources to raise my child the right way. 

3. My kid needs challenge.

  • I want my child to be challenged, not just hear a good story and learn how to apply it.
  • Set behavioral boundaries and feel comfortable lovingly enforcing them.

4.  Parents need help too.

  • Please be on time – When you have multiple kids, it is hard to get from one end of the church to the other in one piece.  When the doors open late because volunteers aren’t present, it is hard on us parents to make it to service in time.
  • If I don’t know where to go, show me…take me there.  This place is huge and your extra effort will be remembered!

5.  What you do matters.

  • I’m really grateful for positive influences in my kids’ life. 
  • My kids really do listen and soak in the teaching. 
  • What you invest in invaluable.
  • We appreciate you.
  • You have influence.
  • Your time is being used for Kingdom purposes.
  • I really value everyone who trudges through the hard times to be there for my kids week to week so that they can have a great experience.  The one touch that they give each week means so much and is a seed planted in our children’s hearts!


I know for me, it was great to get this feedback as I think about how I can better lead our kids, partner with parents and leaders and serve families here at Southland.

Now, it’s your turn.  I want to hear what you have to say to parents.  What are the top three or four things you wish every parent knew?  I’m going to compile the your answers in a post for parents to read on the Southland blog.  Just put your response in the comment section on this blog post or e-mail it to by Friday, April 1st.

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