Mar 4

Am I Really Making a Difference?

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Have you ever asked yourself, “Does serving in Children’s Ministry really matter?” 

Maybe you’ve wondered how big of a difference you could actually make in the life of a child.  You only see them once a week.  You only have them for fifteen minutes in a Life Group or twenty minutes during  a large group program.  Or maybe you work a guest check-in desk or tech. 

How much could that really impact a kid’s life? 

Well, the truth is you are making a bigger impact than you could ever imagine.  I know this because of the stories I hear of what is God is doing in the lives of our kids.  Listen to this story from one of our staff members, Nicole, about how her son’s weekend experience equipped him to face a weekday challenge.

This weekend in 3rd through 5th, we taught about overcoming fear with the knowledge that God is ALWAYS with us.  My son Jacob was at a doctor appt and had to be in the waiting room alone while we talked with the doctor.  He said, “I finished coloring and got really nervous, then, I looked up and saw a Bible.  I remembered that God is always with me and I said a prayer.  When I opened my eyes, Daddy was coming out the door to get me.”  A great moment that Jacob (and mommy) will remember forever!

I only hear a small fraction of the stories like this that I’m certain are happening all over our church, and it reminds me that what we are doing together matters.  IT MATTERS BIG TIME.

You are helping kids discover a God who loves them who wants to prepare them for the challenges they will face every week.

Every player on our team, from Check-In Hosts to Life Group Leaders to Worship, Tech, Actors and Teachers – even the people who prepare supplies during the week – all contribute to helping kids experience life changing truth. 

So whatever your role is I want to challenge you this week to do three things:

  1. Pray for the next weekend as if a kid’s spiritual life depends on it.   It does.
  2. Prepare like you’re looking down the barrel of a college final.  Know what you need to do this weekend like the back of your hand and show up early, ready for action.
  3. Plan to see God at work through you.   Go in with great expectations of what God will do and listen close for stories like Jacob’s that remind you what you are doing changes lives.

Thanks for making yourself available for God to use you to build huge faith in lives of our kids.

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