Feb 3

Losing Your Marbles?

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Ever feel like you’re losing your marbles leading your group of kids?  Check out this hilarious story from one of our amazing Life Group Leaders about her Adventure In Children’s Ministry!

 A few months ago I read the small group activity and was worried, as each child was to hold a marble to remind them of God’s treasures. I lead a large Life Group of elementary boys. So, I immediately bowed my head and prayed, “Lord please, just help me keep them from flinging marbles at each other or getting them lodged in their noses!!”

 Sunday rolls around, and I was still nervous but the boys were excited for marbles. Instructions to not throw the marbles were given, I passed them out, looked down in my basket for the other supplies and, in that small bit of time, marbles started appearing in ears.

 ”Look Miss Jenn!!! I put it in my ear!!” I went through the rules again and they took them out.

 Then my small, quiet friend Colin looked up at me with his big blue eyes and said, “Ummm Miss Jenn, I put my marble in my pants and I can’t find it.”

 I laughed to myself and had Colin stand up and try to shake the marble down his pant leg, but it wasn’t coming.

 Then Colin looked down at me while I shook the legs of his pants and said, “Yeah…I think I may have lost it in my underpants.” Good thing they got to take those marbles home!!

 God has blessed me with my crazy group of boys. I love them all to pieces! Being a leader isn’t always easy but it sure is fun!

 Congratulations to Jennifer who just won a gift card to Chick-Fil-A for sharing this Adventure In Children’s Ministry.  Send us your kid stories, silly or serious, and we will put you in the drawing for another Chick-Fil-A gift card on the first of the month!  Your stories = free chickin!

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