Jan 27

Who In Their Right Mind Would Follow Me?

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I learned the hard way that car chases are not as fun as they look in the movies.  A couple of years ago my best friend from college was getting married and asked me to stand up with him in the wedding.  After the wedding, however, we were supposed to go a park to have pictures taken before the reception.  

Great idea, except I had no clue where I was going.  The newlyweds had  the only set of directions, and the rest of us piled into our cars to follow them in what turned out to be a high speed pursuit through the streets of Chicago, complete with last minute u-turns, sudden lane changes and several near-miss collisions.  

Worst of all, I actually had a car following me.  Me!  Who in their right mind would follow me, a guy who knows nothing about Chicago and who learned to drive on gravel roads?   

Sometimes, we can feel the same way when it comes to Children’s Ministry.  Whether it’s kids or adult leaders, sometimes I think, who in their right mind would follow me?  I tend to freak out when I read Bible verses like 1 Cor. 11: 1, “Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ.”

Follow my example?  Paul, is that really a good idea? 

Seriously, if they could see all of the ugly places in our hearts, all of the selfishness that God is still working on, who in their right mind would want to follow any of us?  The good news is that the Bible constantly reminds us that we don’t have to have it all together to lead others.  We don’t have to follow Jesus perfectly before we can help others follow Jesus. 

If that were the case, we’d never do anything. 

As a Children’s Ministry leader, God simply wants kids to imitate the life of Christ in you.   Discipleship is encouraging others to imitate the parts of you that are the most like Jesus.  All of your other junk is simply a work-in-progress.  Remember, His strength is made perfect in weakness.  And we all have plenty of that to go around. 

So be encouraged, and lead with confidence this week.  You DO have something of value to pass on to the kids you lead.  God wants to use you just the way you are to shape kids’ lives for His kingdom.

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