Jan 6

There’s Nothing Like a Dream

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Victor Hugo said, “There is nothing like a dream to create the future,” meaning that our dreams, our aspirations, shape who and what we become.  Over the last several years I’ve been learning that God also has a dream for my life.  It’s called the kingdom of God.  It’s the place where His will becomes reality through me.  I can’t imagine a better dream for my life, for my kids and for the families here at Southland. 

That’s why over the past several months we have spent hours in prayer and discussion articulating what we think is God ‘s kingdom dream for Children’s Ministry.

Out of all of that process of seeking and praying we believe that God is leading us to help kids discover a God who loves them and a community that connects them to a world that needs them.  It’s life with Jesus, in community, on mission. 

The best part is that you don’t have to wait to be a grown up.  This is God’s dream for kids right now. 

The cool thing is that we already see it coming true in the lives of our kids who are really falling in love with Jesus and following Him and reaching out to their friends who don’t know God. 

As we go into this year we will roll out intentional steps to partner with parents to see this dream become reality.  I can’t wait to watch the future unfold!

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