Jan 3

All For One

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Several years ago Christy and were at the Magic Kingdom watching the 9:00 P.M. “Electric Parade”. It was crazy trying to push through the sea of people just to catch a glimpse of the action. Soon after the parade was over, though, a thunderstorm drenched the place sending everyone packing. It seemed like every family cleared out but us. We had absolutely no lines and got to stay on some of the big attractions and ride them over and over again.

So cool.

At the end of the night we heard the parade music as we made our way out of the park. It was the 11:00 parade, the final show of the night. As we stepped off of Splash Mountain we ran right into the procession, but this time we didn’t have to fight the crowd for a place to watch.

We were the crowd.

We stood on the sidewalk with five or six other people as the performers moved down street, all of them interacting with us.

Even though there were only a handful of people, the Disney cast members went all out just as they done two hours earlier when the place was packed. It felt pretty cool having this spectacular parade just for us. I got the feeling that it wouldn’t have been any different even if I’d been the only person in the park.

All for one.

As amazing as my Disney experience was, it pales in comparison to what God has done on the cross to show my value to Him. Yes, Jesus died on the cross for the crowd, but He also did it just for me. He did it just for you.

All for one.

Each weekend as we go into Children’s Ministry it’s easy just to see a crowd, but we need to develop the vision that God uses to see each of us as His precious, individual children. Every kid who walks through the doors of the church has a unique situation, fears, hurts and challenges.

Would we go to all the trouble we do to prepare worship, lessons and supplies for just one of them? God would. Remember the story of the lost sheep? The shepherd left the 99 behind to seek out the one who needed Him most.

He did it all of for one.

So here’s my challenge for each of us:

1. If you show up and there’s a crowd, ask God to show you one kid who needs some extra love and attention. Don’t let them just become a number. Don’t let them be anonymous. Be the good shepherd and seek them out. Take the time for one.

2. If you show up and the place is almost empty, ask God to help you go all out for the few who are there. Don’t just go through the motions because you don’t think there are enough kids in the room to make it worth your trouble. “Whatever you did for the least of these,” Jesus said, “you did for me.”

It’s so easy to lose sight of the fact that each child matters to God, that He never sees just a crowd but individual, unique creations for whom He gladly gave His all.

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